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Discord: SkyDev Crew | travelDev Video (139)

DevSky Crew Discord Invite: As part of my initiative for 2020 to connect with more people, I decided to start a Discord server as a place for like-minded people to meet and hang. Though the main foci remain web development and travel, the inclusion of other topics is alwa ...

Mastermind Meet #2 | travelDev Video (138)

Attendees: Juan, Tim Topics: 00:01 Intro 00:35 Juan's Trip to Texas 03:29 Courses (JS The Hard Parts, Udacity nanodegree) 08:34 Projects (Traveldev Site, Discord Channel, Juan's Dev site, Juan's Music site, Loquela) 11:26 Interviews & Updates (Funny story with Cognizant, Cloudflare takehome test) 1 ...

Onsite Job Interview at Big Fintech | travelDev Vlog (137)

I recently interviewed a global financial company and unfortunately didn't make it through. I was contacted by a recruiter by email about a UI developer position with a big company, which the position has not released to public job boards yet. I was really excited to hear the name of the company and ...

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