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First Day in Guanajuato! | Guadalajara, Mexico | Travel Dev Vlog 114

We took the Primera Plus bus to the picturesque town of Guanajuato. We stayed at Hostal Casa de Dante during our 3 day visit, which had a magnificent view of the colorful town below. After checking in, we headed down into Centro to find some food. Afterwards, we ventured off to adventure off in the ...

Parque Agua Azul y Puente Mastute Remus | Guadalajara, Mexico | Travel Dev Vlog 113

We headed towards the Mastute Remus Bridge named after the engineer. On the way, we stopped Parque Agua Azul. We also announced some cool plans we have coming up. We stopped by a pastry shop on the way to refuel and also a little taco stand which had delicious tacos. We waited out until darkness so ...

Churros Questing and More Mercado Libertad | Guadalajara, Mexico | Travel Dev Vlog 112

Juan took a shot at blogging to open the video. We wandered to Centro on this Saturday morning to see what we could find. We made our way to get some lunch around Mercado Libertad and got some delicious tacos. We made our way through downtown and turns out there was a festival happening in the city. ...

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