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After 365 Days of Code — The Extraordinary Plans (Part 3 of 3)

By: Timothy Hoang

June 22, 2018

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Thanks for making it this far. The first part of the series revealed what I’ve been doing since 200 days of code and the second part talked about different pearls I picked up. Part 3 will talk about my plans for the next six months.

Coding Schools

In the last article, I talked about internships, apprenticeships, and accelerators. I did not touch upon bootcamps or coding schools since I never even considered this option. Call it stubbornness/pride or what have you, but I was convinced that I can teach myself coding. After coding for a year, I realized how vast web development really is. The more you learn, the deeper the digital ocean becomes 😅. The truth is that I feel that I have not opened the right doors or met with the right opportunities. I didn’t have much luck finding a junior position in my job searches and I’m burning the wick off the time candle. So I’m deciding to commit myself to a coding school (Read: not a bootcamp).

One, I didn’t want to waste any more time trying to find what industry standard practices are like build processes, architecture, and team collaboration. I want to get actual experience so I can start making money and pursue my dream of digital nomadism/expatriotism. Two, I already got a jump start on the material and it would only make me a more skillful developer. I suspect that I’ll be able to grasp more concepts beyond the basics so any program will offer me more value. I’ll get a chance to ask questions and learn from high level developers/instructors. Three, whatever happens in the next six months, I know I will come out with a job on the other side after officially “doing my time”. Four, this is going to be the most exciting reason of all: being able to live in another country while I go to this online coding school! Yes, you heard me correctly. But let’s talk about the school first shall we?

I specifically checked out Lambda School, Microverse, and other online schools. I already filtered out all the schools requiring up-front payment, learning on-site, or that seemed like money was more important than my education.

Lambda School

I talked to my friend, Juan, about my goals after June to enroll in a program if I don’t get a dev job. He recommended I check out Lambda School since he’s heard a lot about it.

Here’s the quick breakdown:

  • 100% online school with live lectures and group work
  • 6 months of curriculum and learning
  • No upfront tuition with income share agreement (ISA)
  • Pay only after you get a job that nets $50k or more (17% for 2 years each, maximum total cap of $30,000)
  • Job preparation team to help you interview and polish your virtual image
  • Mastery-based progression, brown bag lunches, company partnerships, project managers, sprints, and etc.
  • A network of new developer friends all around the world

Reflections during a morning walks are the best!

Here’s my video talking about Lambda School and the mini-bootcamp. Here’s more about the ISA or a day in the life of a student from the co-founder.

Here’s some quick math on income share payments:

  • Salary * 17% = Annual payment/12mo = Monthly payments (2 yr total)
  • $50,000 * 17% = $8,500 /12 = $708/mo (Total: $17,000)
  • $60,000 * 17% = $10,200 /12 = $850/mo (Total: $20,400)
  • $70,000 * 17% = $11,900 /12 = $992/mo (Total: $23,800)
  • $80,000 * 17% = $13,600 /12 = $1,133/mo (Total:$27,200)
  • $90,000 * 17% = $15,300 /12 = $1,275/mo (Total: $30,600) 30k cap 📈
  • $100,000 * 17% = $17,000 /12 = $1,417/mo (Total: $34,000) 30k cap 📈

I considered other bootcamps and schools but none of them had a solid of a reputation as Lambda. Other bootcamps generally require upfront payment which is expensive and a big risk in my opinion! They also require you to attend live lectures on location which adds housing/transportation costs into the mix. This is not to say that you won’t land a job with a bootcamp because my two good friends found jobs here close to Washington D.C. Simply put, it’s just not something that I can afford right now.

Part of Lambda School’s 6 month curriculum. More? See full curriculum.

Another strong reason that I chose Lambda was that the curriculum spans for 6 months which gives students ample time to grasp concepts and work on depth as well as **breadth **of the material. Other bootcamp seems to force feed you 3 months and that’s it. Lambda’s dive into some really great techs like React, Redux, Java, C, Node, Express, Python/Django.

There a definitely a couple more reasons I picked Lambda School but I think it’s a pretty solid choice. I’m not out to actively promote them but I earnestly believe it’s a great program and would love to help other folks who might be looking for what I was looking for. If you want to know more, hit me up with questions on Twitter.

If you are thinking about doing it, they provided me a link: My referral link.

Guadalajara, Mexico

You must already know but I’m a huge travel fan bordering living in countries for months at a time. Hint: I have already lived in Medellin for 6 months. For starters, Mexico is not on the other side of the world which makes classes and getting home back stateside quite easy and cheap ($200–300).

Can’t wait for all the food, culture, and freedom!

Guadalajara is known for it’s identity as Mexico’s tech hub. It’s modern with fast internet, amazing food, beautiful culture and similar services found stateside. There’s Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, and just about anything else you might need. My AT&T phone plan also covers unlimited text and calls with data plans as well. No fumbling this time with sim cards and jailbreak phones like in Colombia. The Airbnb I’m staying at supports a 100MB connection and another one I inquired about supports 60MB. Most places say they have a 10–20MB line. I specifically need high speed for the classes/conferences that I would be taking online.

Let’s not even talk about the cost of living there. Rent is as cheap as $150 and all the way up to as high as you want. We picked a penthouse apartment for $410/month split 2 ways with awesome amenities right nearby like 3br/2bath, being next to Sam’s Club & a huge park, and being close to downtown. We have the whole apartment to ourselves! Pro tip: booking for a week or a month will get you a discount on AirBnb, sometimes by almost 40% off.

My Youtube Channel

I’ll be making more videos once I get going here. Follow my travels on Youtube.

#100 Days of Code

I had a twitter follower asked me if I was on my 358th day of coding the other day and I proudly proclaimed he can trace the chain back all the way from June 22th, 2017. I was glad to have inspired so many people to keep coding and learning but alas, all good things must come to an end. This 1 year journey has given me such a die-hard coding habit that I’m extremely grateful for. People like Scott Spence helped served an inspiration during my journey. I can’t say my Github looks as good as his Github though. Haha.

@ScottDevTweets on Twitter

Even though I won’t be tweeting about my daily progress, I will still continue to code everyday and doing some insane deep dives with Lambda School for the next 6 months. Hopefully, I’ll still have a chance to make vlog videos like I did in the past when I traveled in Europe, Japan, and Colombia. I have some ideas in the works for weekly videos during my time at Lambda School, a GatsbyJS series to teach what I’ve learned, and a couple other ideas.


I’m super excited about this next chapter in my life. As I move out of the 100DaysOfCode space, I invite you to connect with me on any of the platforms below. I primarily hold presence on Twitter and Youtube. If you like travel, you might like my blog. I like making new friends, especially from other countries.

Remember that you never waste time if you’re moving forward. Sitting still and doing nothing will not help place you in a more favorable position.

Where’s part 1 and 2?

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